The PIANO Data Management System

Further Information

The PIANO data manager supports the simultaneous use of multiple Tosoh analysers. By providing a single point of review while allowing results from each analyser to be reviewed separately the PIANO data manager streamlines the data validation process and ensures data integrity.

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PIANO gives you a single interface between your central Laboratory Information System (LIS) and all of your Tosoh Bioscience analysers. This advanced platform offers the modern laboratory a number of key advantages.

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Data Management and Traceability

  • Working lists of each Tosoh automated analyser can be managed using a single interface and platform.
  • All patient and quality control (QC) results are saved and can be easily relocated by the name of the patient or QC, the barcode, or the date of the analysis.
  • Results can be automatically faxed to your partner(s) following their validation.

Visualize Patient & Quality Control Results

  • For each patient and each test a graph can be displayed and printed showing all the result obtained during a defined period.
  • Levey-Jennings curves can be easily displayed and printed over a defined period.

Validate, Archive & Review Chromatograms

  • Full screen chromatograms for each patient can be reviewed and validated and may also be printed onto A4 sized paper.
  • A library of chromatograms can be enabled to assist the user with chromatogram interpretation.

Inventory Management & Workload Statistics

  • Stocks of your Tosoh reagents and consumables can be managed, including lot number and shelf-life date.
  • Quantity of each test performed can be easily displayed over a defined period, for patients and/or QC, and per laboratory if you perform tests for different partners.