Laboratory Automation

Goals of Open Automation: Flexible System

The integration of a Tosoh analyser into the automation implementation of a clinical laboratory offers significant benefits to the working processes and is intended to achieve the following goals:

  • Integration of multi competence technologies;
  • Improvement of laboratory turnaround time with consistent throughput over time;
  • Simultaneous management of routine and emergency workloads;
  • Automation of repetitive manual procedures;
  • Elimination of the need for the presorting of specimens;
  • Qualification of operators’ work, taking them off tasks associated with pre-analysis
  • Simple connection and a sophisticated data transmission system ensure analytical quality with minimal maintenance.

Integration of Automation Into the Laboratory Data Processing System

The development of total process automation with real time traceability has resulted in flexible devices ready to interface into many tracking systems available on the market today and their future evolutions. This has been achieved by the:

  • Development of a monitorable, certifiable and controllable process;
  • Use of expert systems for automatic analytical control of results;
  • Detailed process quality management and control;
  • Development of solutions tailored to the requirements of individual laboratories according to their needs and expectations.


Evoline™ Automation Solutions

  • Tosoh has decided to offer under his name the newest Lab Automation system manufactured by Thermo Fisher Scientific. 
  • This will allow the Laboraratories to choose in total freedom the most suitable configuration depending on their size, activity and preferred competitive analyzers to be installed to complete the AIA-2000 tests menu.                                                             
  • Evoline™ is growing around an AIA-2000 or a HLC-723G8
  • Evoline™ is a trade mark by Tosoh Europe
  • Distribution and availability can be different country by country

For further information, please contact your Tosoh local organization


As Tosoh can also provide Connectivity to other Automation lines, please contact your Tosoh local organisation for further information