One cup, twice the immunoassay power

The AIA-CL-Pack technology utilises the original concept patented by Tosoh, based on individual test cups, each containing lyophilised and ready to use reagents.

CL in AIA-CL-Pack stands for ChemiLuminescence, the method used for measuring. Together with the unique Tosoh twin cup, where conjugate is separated from antibody coated microparticles, this provides:


  • A wide dynamic range​
  • High assay sensitivity
  • Low sample volumes
  • Long shelf life and calibration stability 


The CL-AIA Pack can be used on all Tosoh AIA-CL systems, with the standardised test cup ensuring consistent performance.

Easy to use

  • The reaction takes place in the test cup, from the pipetting of the sample, the antigen / antibody reaction up to the signal detection.
  • No reagent preparation, as all reagents are ready to use in the twin cup format.
  • Different colours for the cups depending on the type of reagent for easy working Example: sandwich test principle
 Example: sandwich test principle
 Reaction AIA CL


Save time and money 

AIA CL Trays
  • 1 cup = 1 test Minimal waste due to
    the cup format
  • Long stability of reagents and sub reagents
  • Long calibration stability (up to 90 days) 

No Contamination, more traceability

  • The risk of contamination is eliminated because there is no transfer of reagents
  • CL-AIA Pack twin cups and trays are labelled with the assay code and lot number for automated scheduling and inventory


One Reagent Fits All 

Tosoh CL-AIA Pack Assays can be used on all of our AIA–CL Immunoassay Platforms

AIA CL Reagents Brochure (pdf)

Biotin Brochure (pdf)