About Tosoh Europe N.V.

Technology Leader

Tosoh Bioscience has throughout the years demonstrated Technological Leadership in a number of Diagnostics niche markets including Immunochemistry, HPLC based diabetes and thalassemia screening and Molecular Biology.

This leadership is based on an in-depth understanding of the ever growing clinical demand for faster and more precise diagnosis of a number of life threatening pathologies (e.g. tumour, cardiac, diabetes etc).

It is also based on the analysis of operational requirements emanating from laboratories worldwide, where quality of results, be it essential, is just not good enough anymore. 

Just a few examples of how Tosoh Bioscience reconciles quality of results and workflow optimisation include:

  • Standardisation across platforms with a unitary dry chemistry reagent concept;
  • Workload management through flexible capacity loading options;
  • Connections to most automated production units;
  • Extended calibration stability;
  • One of the industry's best "up-time" performance for our analysers.

Tosoh Bioscience’s recent breakthrough in Molecular Biology, with its TRC 160 platform, is a further demonstration of our capacity to address shortcomings of solutions currently available in the marketplace for the real-time diagnosis of, for example, tuberculosis.


Customer Oriented

But Tosoh Bioscience is not only about Technology: Tosoh Bioscience understands the requirement for second-to-none excellence in Customer Support and Customer Service.

Whether you face an issue with one of our platforms or uncertainty in the interpretation of results, it is paramount that you have direct and immediate access to a team of specialists that will deliver a timely solution to your concern. This is the role of our Customer Support organisation in Europe.

How about Customer Service? Ensuring that the order you placed is delivered in its entirety and on time? Within a maximum of 36 hours of you placing your order? This is the Service we are committed to deliver. Because you have better things to do than chasing your orders!

We look forward meeting to with you and discussing together our technologies, as well as the support and services you can expect when you make the step and become a Tosoh Customer.