Evoline™ Manager

Evoline™ Manager: the Brain of Evoline™

Evoline™ Manager is a concentrator additional to the LIS, integrated in the data flow between LIS, the analytical systems, the pre- and post-analytical phase, allowing a Thin Client network access, and optimising the laboratory production processes. 

This is giving a real time follow-up of the productivity and quality indicators, and simplifies the accreditation processes. 

Evoline Manager


Pack and track:

  •  Tracking of samples (location, transportation, operations) at any times (barcodes).
  •  Management of the container hierarchy and the tubes.
  •  Temperature control of all transport containers (microchip). 

Specimen Routing :

  • Management of the tests performed at peripheral sites.
  • Specimen routing to instruments.
  • Balancing of the workload.
  • Handling the operating status of the instrument (in/out of service).

Real time indicators :

  • For Turn Around Time (TAT) calculations.
  • For detailed workload.
  • For the management of non-conforming samples.

 Productivity :

  • Customised statistics reporting
  • Centralised control monitor for all linked analysers
  • Multi-site management
  • Multi-LIS (possibility to connect different LIS at the same time)
  • In excess of 1000 analyser connections to Evoline™ available
  • Connectable to expert external software systems 

Quality Control :

  • Real time QC management QC expert software
  • Intelligent mode for QC and patients statistics analysis, update tube destination test by test, in real time
  • Alarm and automatic lock out of non-conforming modules

 Traceability :

  • Management of reagents, calibrators, QC lots, and instruments alarms
  • Follow-up of the tube routing and location (intra and inter-sites)
  • Traceability of transportation conditions (time frame and temperature)
  • Automatic scheduling of instruments maintenances, procedures documentation included.
  • Full audit trail of operators
  • Complete sample storage management


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